The STEPS program offers an extensive array of activities – each with a full range of supports so that each participant is involved, engaged and having fun!

  • Life Skills: Participants learn the practical skills they will need to live more independently, maintain a job, make friends, and contribute to their communities.
  • Fitness: Exercise and weight equipment, aerobic exercise, yoga, and group sports.
  • Cooking: In our professional kitchen, participants can learn cooking skills, and master an array of healthy, easy to make dishes.
  • Gardening: In our horticulture center and organic garden, participants can learn flower arranging, and how to grow and care for plants.
  • Carpentry: In our fully equipped woodshop, participants can learn to use hand tools to make and repair items.
  • Computers: Participants can use our state of the art computers to learn word processing, software programs, and how to safely use the Internet.
  • Crafts: Participants can learn painting, sculpting, scrap booking, etching, and photography.
  • Lego Therapy: Participants can use this emerging form of therapy to develop problem solving strategies, challenge their imagination and build social language skills.