STESP for Living Adult Program participants in the GPA gymnasium, Willingboro NJ

Social Teaching for Employment & Personal Success, or STEPS, is an after-hours adult day program for people with disabilities.

STEPS offers an extensive array of activities – each with a full range of supports so that each participant is involved, engaged and having fun!

The program is designed to teach social and life skills that help participants grow and become more independent. Through fun and engaging activities that identify and leverage each participant’s interests and personal strengths, STEPS teaches skills essential for successful adult life:

  • Social skills to achieve and maintain employment and adult relationships
  • Money & banking skills
  • Household management skills, including meal planning and preparation; cleaning, laundry, and organizing; and household security and safety
  • Time management skills
  • Transportation skills
  • Community access and awareness skills
  • Stress management and anger control

…and more.

STEPS helps adults prepare for more independent life and the world of work, and is a perfect choice for school districts wishing to provide transition services and employment preparation for their students in an after school setting.

The staff at STEPS is comprised of trained educators and clinicians experienced in working with young adults and adults with disabilities. A high staff to participant ratio is always maintained, and extra support is available for those who need it.

STEPS is affiliated with and located at Garfield Park Academy, an approved not-for profit school for children with disabilities in Willingboro, NJ. Garfield Park Academy’s campus is in a quiet residential neighborhood in Burlington County, just off Route 295. Our 16-acre park-like setting includes a 45,000 square foot school building and two large playgrounds and athletic fields.